The Sexiest Words Ever Spoken By A Woman

My opinion is that some women who weigh 125 pounds or less and who are in the age range of 18 years old to 29 years old who wear trampstamp tatoos on thier buttocks look good. Your follower, David Johnson

Chateau Heartiste

“Do you want to put it in my ass?”

I’ve heard women speak to me a million permutations of sexy invitations and romantic aches, but none hastened my heart, boiled my blood, and coagulated my cock like these nine words sailing over a smooth, prone shoulder and landing ear-ways with a sparrow’s chirp. I wish I could say otherwise; that it was some other, loftier, exclamation of desirous love that etched a permanent shelter in my neural storage locker. But I must stay true to the Chateau Heartiste mission statement and judge a woman’s sexy interlude not by the parched abstraction the superego demands, but by the ignited viscera that livens the id.

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